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Pick the Suit to be worn by Bay Area’s #1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres for your Singing telegram, 
The Elvis and Pink Caddy show, Pink Caddy Concert, Elvis at your wedding, or your Elvis Tribute Concert! 
All The Suits have a history of when Elvis wore the suits and some interesting history! 

Suit #1
You want a more 50’s Elvis? Then this is the look you want! Here is a little Elvis fact for you! In the 1950s Elvis wore typically African-American clothes that he purchased at Lansky's on Beale Street in Memphis. This Gold lame jacket, black shirt, black baggy pants, and black & white two tone shoes or saddle shoes, was an outfit worn by Elvis in the  Early years in 1957.  It was definitely a unique look for the time.

Suit #2
On June 27, 1968 after 7 years of making movies Elvis makes his comeback to the live performance. This first show was the “1968 Comeback special” Prior to this; His last live concert had been at the Bloch Arena in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on March 25, 1961. This Leather suit with leather wrist bands also features the Signature high collar which became his trademark for the elaborate Jumpsuit era to follow.

Suit #8
The Cisco Kid Las Vegas Suit with the 24k gold International Hotel Belt...This is a puffy sleeve red and black shirt worn by Elvis in 1970. Worn with it is the 35th anniversary 24k Gold Belt awarded to Elvis for breaking the attendance record at the International Hotel in Vegas. The 1st time worn by Bay Area Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres at the premiere of the music Video by Nashville singer DannyClick "Baptize Me" playing on CMT Country Music Television. Rick is in the Video playing the ghost of Elvis offering to giving him a ride to Graceland.
Suit #4
Elvis 1st Las Vegas suit "The Rope Fringe" was widely used by Elvis in the 1970's. As an example while appearing before 13,300 people at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona, on September, 9th 1970. He had not toured since October 1957. After the success of those first three Las Vegas seasons, it was decided that he would go back on the road again, and re-establish his ties with a wider public ...It is a white jumpsuit with white fringe with multicolored beads. The macramé belt also has fringe and beads matching the suit.
Suit #5
"Black Rope Fringe Concho" This performance will be worn by Elvis Tribute Artist Rick Torres as her portrays the Elvis Impersonator/Professional Card Player "ELVEZ" in the Motion Picture “ The Greatest Game in Town” 
to begin Filming in February 2013 and hopefully will be released later in the year. This Costume has a suede look to the fabric, and shiny gold beads on the fringe and Conchos down the Leg. The Belt is a macramé belt with gold shiny beaded fringe that matches the suit. This suit moves from the fringe and belt.  Very cool Look! 
Suit #6
This suit "The Owl" was a favorite of Elvis's many jumpsuits. Elvis wore the same suit during "Elvis on Tour" in 1972 and can be seen on film commenting about the owl suit. The Owl was rarely worn and very beautiful it’s a royal blue caped jumpsuit. It is decorated with silver stars in a starburst design. The Belt is a dark blue with silver stars, chains, and owl heads. Both the cape and the leg inserts are done in white satin.

Suit # 7
This outfit is what is called the "Puffy Sleeve Era" in the 70's. The Belt in this picture is the 35th anniversary 24 kt Gold Limited addition International Hotel Belt. An exact replica of it was given to Elvis for breaking the attendance record at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1969.  Elvis loved the belt and wore it with other jumpsuits like the Burning love suit and the Black Butterfly. This look is something you might have seen Elvis wearing at home at Graceland, around town, or during a rehearsal getting ready for a concert. Tight black Polyester bellbottom pants also typical of the 70's.  Very popular for the Elvis Meet and Greet or a Meet and Greet before a Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show one of the larger shows we offer

Suit # 18
Elvis wore his Red puffed-sleeve shirt & belt, during the “That’s the way it is” Tour rehearsal in 1970: Red puffed-sleeve shirt, black polyester Bell bottom pants, red/black leather studded Lyon belt with chains. An ensemble featured in the on-stage rehearsal segment of the concert film Elvis, That's The Way It Is by MGM, 1970 considered to be an up close look into the life of the King. It is a Flashy Casual but very cool look. 

Suit #9
During his fall tour in 1972 Elvis wore a bright red jumpsuit on stage. The costume quickly became a fan favorite and one of his most famous stage costumes. Fans began referring to it as the “Burning Love” jumpsuit. Also, the song “Burning Love” had been a recent hit for Elvis, and he included it in his song selection while on tour that year. There was Confusion about the “Burning Love” jumpsuit because he wore a white jumpsuit and at the Madison Square Garden engagement and it was given the same name. Elvis also appeared in the white suit on the cover of the album Burning Love which is why it was christened “Burning Love.” Elvis eventually donated the red burning love suit or the red matador as it is also called to the National Cerebral Palsy Telethon in 1972. In October 1995, the suit sold at a Las Vegas auction for a record $107,000. WOW!  The Red Burning Love jumpsuit has a unique history and is also very impressive jumpsuit to behold.

Suit # 10
The Black Pyramid or Black Butterfly jumpsuit was originally, designed by Bill Belew, in 1972. The sequined black and gold jumpsuit and cape is a beautiful addition to the Jumpsuit options and can be worn with the traditional black butterfly belt or the Gold World Champion Attendance Record belt awarded to Elvis from the international hotel for breaking all the attendance records. I love this period in Elvis's career, where he was just coming off the 68 Special, and he Dominated Vegas with his brand new acts spring boarding his career in the city that never sleeps! Viva Las Vegas!

Suit #11
Aloha from Hawaii was broadcast live via satellite around the world on January 14, 1973. Over 1 Billion people around the world watched. It was the first-ever such performance to be broadcast live via satellite! Here is another Elvis Fact for you! Presley taped a January 12 rehearsal concert as a fail-safe in case anything went wrong with the satellite broadcast. The “American Eagle" or the Aloha from Hawaii suit,  is designed  to the suit worn by Elvis during this concert . It is a white jumpsuit with red, white, and blue gems. It is also decorated with gold faceted stars. The Eagle design on the cape is designed in the same colored gems, and stars. The cape and the leg inserts are in red and blue satin.

Suit #12
"The Aqua Blue Vine" made its debut during Elvis’ 1973 Summer Festival August/September in Las Vegas. On the suit (front, back, arms, legs and collar) is a flower like pattern made out of turquoise stones. Between these flower runs a pattern of gold nails. This suit was also made popular in the movie released in 2001 called 3000 miles to Graceland when it was worn by actor Kurt Russell. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out! Great movie!!!

Suit #13
“The Concha suit” is one of Elvis' most famous suits worn and immortalized in the movie “Elvis that’s the way It Is” concert/documentary made by MGM released on November 11, 1970. The film documents Elvis' Summer Festival in Las Vegas during August 1970. It was his first non-dramatic film since the beginning his movie career in 1956, and the film gives us a clear view of Presley's return to live performances after years of making movies. Although some was filmed on the lots of MGM most of the footage takes place onstage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. “The Concha Suit” originates from the Mexican word for metal ring hence the ring design on the suit. Conches are also intergraded on the macramé belt. Very post 60’s look with the belt. 

Suit #16
This performance suit “The American Trilogy” Designed by Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres. This suit is fashion from the Rope fringe suit #4 in my suit options and will represent the spirit of America in Red white and blue! Premiered on the August 6th 2011 at Hot August Nights at Pezzellas

Suit #17
“The Blue Hawaii Suit” This look is inspired by the picture “Blue Hawaii” released in 1961. This is a fun look for your Hawaiian Elvis Luau party. There are also a nice collection of Hawaiian songs to choose from that you can see here at the bottom of the page . Rick has great songs from the movie Blue Hawaii and other classic traditional Hawaiian Songs.

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Suit #3
"The Powder Blue" suit was worn for the 1st time during the weekend of June 9th to the 11th in 1972. Elvis gave his very first concerts in New York City at the Madison Square Garden. Shortly the Album and videos we available titled “Elvis and Afternoon in the Garden”. Three shows for the evenings of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a matinee performance on Saturday afternoon as well. Engineers from RCA Records taped the two Saturday concerts, and the results of the evening show released a mere eight days later on Elvis: As Recorded At Madison Square Garden, while the tapes for the afternoon show stayed in the vaults until a few months before the twenty-fifth anniversary of the concerts. This is a Beautiful suit! 
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Bay Area's #1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres
Suit #14
This performance suit “The Turquoise Concho” Based on the Aqua Blue Vine Jumpsuit. This suit is fashion from that suit and Worn by Elvis at a few Las Vegas performance. In This Images is Elvis Rick Torres next to Elvis and Charley Hodge Elvis Friend and mamber of Crew that got him scarves and water during his shows.

Suit #15
This is the "Viva Las Vegas" suit from the 1964 block buster Movie Viva Las Vegas. Ths outfit was worn by Elvis in that co starring with Ann Margaret.  Elvis was Race car driver Lucky Jackson in Las Vegas to earn money to pay for a new engine for his motor car. Working as a waiter, he still finds the time to court young Rusty Martin.

Suit # 19
"Elvis Meets Nixon" The Crush Velvet Purple Cossack Suit he wore at hat meeting with the Famous 24k Gold Belt awarded to Elvis in 1969 by the International Hotel has one heck of a story! Elvis personally delivers a handwritten letter to the White House. at 6:30 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 21, 1970....Strange but True the story Broke almost Two Years later when a document surfaced that Nixon personally went to the department ignoring the normal red tape got Elvis Badge and Gave it to him. Strange but True!! 
Great Movie “Elvis Meets Nixon" Facts and a little Fiction Click the Video below to see the movie on UTUBE!